[Gambas-user] TreeView.ToolTip a nice-to-have

Rolf-Werner Eilert rwe-sse at osnanet.de
Mon Jul 12 13:05:14 CEST 2021

Am 12.07.21 um 12:31 schrieb Bruce Steers:
> On Mon, 12 Jul 2021 at 10:31, Rolf-Werner Eilert <rwe-sse at osnanet.de 
> <mailto:rwe-sse at osnanet.de>> wrote:
>     Just stumbled over this one: There is no
>              TreeView.Current.ToolTip
>     or
>              TreeView[theKey].ToolTip
>     right?
>     Would be a nice thing to have though. Thunderbird (as an example) makes
>     use of it, showing mail dirs containing unread messages in bold or
>     bold+blue AND showing the latest new messages contained in a tooltip.
>     There is an application of mine which would be happy to have such a
>     thing.So, Benoit, if one day you are absolutely failing to find
>     anything
>     you could improve in Gambas... :)
>     Regards
>     Rolf
> should be fairly easy to make this for your app.
> Enabling TreeView1.Tracking, using the TreeView1_MouseMove() event, 
> TreeView1.FindChild() and Balloon()
> (and possibly a Timer to make things smoother)
> BruceS

Oh yes, I had this idea too. Is TreeView originally a qt or GTK thing, 
Gambas only linking to it? And does it have this tooltip option? That 
would make it rather easy for Benoit to implement it.

If not, it might be easier if each Gambas coder makes one.

BUT to make a start, I will try around a bit with the events you posted 
above, thank you for that!


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