[Gambas-user] Release of Gambas 3.16.2

Christof Thalhofer chrisml at deganius.de
Tue Jul 6 14:15:19 CEST 2021

Hello Benoît,

Am 06.07.21 um 03:55 schrieb Benoît Minisini:

> The changelog is at:
> https://gambaswiki.org/wiki/doc/release/3.16.2.
> Report any problem as usual.
> Enjoy

Thank you for the new version!

As I see there are no new version tags in the Git repo any more.

How can I check out a newer version? AFAICS the last version tag in the
repo is '3.15.0'.

It lacks the tags '3.15.1', '3.15.2', '3.16.0', '3.16.1' and of course

Was this intentionally?

Alles Gute

Christof Thalhofer

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