[Gambas-user] WebForm and SessionID

Hans Lehmann hans at gambas-buch.de
Wed Jan 20 13:43:43 CET 2021


I am using the component gb.web.form in a project. This is the complete 
source code:

Public Sub WebForm_Open()

   WebFormLogin.Debug = True

   If Not Session.Id Then
      WebLabel3.Text = "SESSION.ID = NULL"
      WebLabel3.Text = Session.Id


After starting the programme in the IDE with an embedded HTTP server, a 
session ID is displayed in WebLabel3. After pressing F12, you can see in 
the Firefox web browser that a session cookie is set.

According to the documentation, this was *not* to be expected.

Question: Is it normal behaviour of a WebForm that a session is 
immediately created when it is opened?

With kind regards


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