[Gambas-user] Httpd server class & component v0.0.17

Olivier Coquet ocoquet at 3d-phenomen.fr
Mon Jan 18 19:04:53 CET 2021

The last Version of httpd  Gambas class (now exportable as component).
(with file, it's better :) )
V0.0.17 - 18/01/2021

- Finalization of the modification of the processing procedure, all the 
arguments are now exploited by their name and not by their order of 
arrival (more secure).
- Added the main Mime types up to the letter "J".
- Modified the userpwd.txt file which now contains the date of last 
connection of a user.
- The Processing function is called systematically on all pages with 
ther argument "Replace", this allows to replace text between {} by what 
you want (for example for a version number on each page).
- Added a variable at the head of the class, indicating the version of 
the class.
- Transformation into a component and first tests in this form.
- Modification of the ListUser function which now returns an array of 
collections (Name,Date,Time).

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Olivier Coquet

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