[Gambas-user] multiple Gambas versions on the same machine

Benoît Minisini g4mba5 at gmail.com
Sat Jan 16 18:04:23 CET 2021

Le 16/01/2021 à 17:34, KKing a écrit :
>> Finally a short comment on multiple Gambas versions on the same machin,
>> including multiple versionsof custom components and libraries. We have
>> been doing this for years. The design is based on how programs like
>> postgresql allow for multiple versions. The trick is to install in /opt
>> and use the GAMBAS_PATH env settiing (or whatever it was that Benoit
>> mentioned. Then all you need is a shell script that uses that root path
>> setting. Wehave never had a problem. At the moment our testing system
>> has the "pure" Gambas, two local Gambas' with certain customised things
>> (including the IDE) and two other versions (one native and one
>> localised) that provide the platfomrs for different versions of our own
>> custom controls and components and libraries - "production" and
>> "testing". None of these intefere with each other and all use the proper
>> shared code files.
> Bruce, is that multiple versions that are able to run at same time?
> If yes, do you have more detail on steps taken to facilitate?
> Back in June I asked and Benoit responded to try

Here is a better answer:

Gambas was not made so that you can installed two different minor 
versions on the same system.

But you can define the GB_PATH environment variable. It must point to 
the interpreter you want to use. Then all other Gambas paths are deduced 
from that path.

Moreover, a Gambas executable is run by the first gbr3 program found in 
the PATH environmental variable.

Let's suppose you have an installation of Gambas 3.4 in /opt/gambas/3.4. 
You have to run your program that way:

$ GB_PATH=/opt/gambas/3.4/bin/gbx3 PATH=/opt/gambas/3.4/bin:$PATH 

And it -should- work.

Please tell me the result.

Benoît Minisini

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