[Gambas-user] multiple Gambas versions on the same machine

KKing kicking177 at gmail.com
Sat Jan 16 17:34:34 CET 2021

> Finally a short comment on multiple Gambas versions on the same machin,
> including multiple versionsof custom components and libraries. We have
> been doing this for years. The design is based on how programs like
> postgresql allow for multiple versions. The trick is to install in /opt
> and use the GAMBAS_PATH env settiing (or whatever it was that Benoit
> mentioned. Then all you need is a shell script that uses that root path
> setting. Wehave never had a problem. At the moment our testing system
> has the "pure" Gambas, two local Gambas' with certain customised things
> (including the IDE) and two other versions (one native and one
> localised) that provide the platfomrs for different versions of our own
> custom controls and components and libraries - "production" and
> "testing". None of these intefere with each other and all use the proper
> shared code files.

Bruce, is that multiple versions that are able to run at same time?
If yes, do you have more detail on steps taken to facilitate?

Back in June I asked and Benoit responded to try
> I think you can achieve what you want by:
> - Compiling from sources by using './configure --prefix=XXX'. For
> example: './configure --prefix=/opt/gambas/3.8'
> - Set the GB_PATH environment variable with the path of the specific
> interpreter. For example: 'setenv GB_PATH /opt/gambas/3.8/bin/gbx3'.
> If you want to run two versions at the same time, you have to switch the
> 'GB_PATH' environment variable according to the version you want to run.

but when I tried I got a JIT error
> $ export GB_PATH=/opt/gambas/9.13/bin/gbx3
> $ gambas3
> **
> ** OOPS! INTERNAL ERROR. Program aborting, sorry!
> ** Unable to find JIT compilation method
> **
> ** ERROR: Unable to find method _Compile in class Jit. Return type 
> does not match
> **
> ** Please send a bug report to the gambas bugtracker [1] or to the 
> gambas mailing-list [2].
> ** [1] http://gambaswiki.org/bugtracker
> ** [2] https://lists.gambas-basic.org/listinfo/user
> ** 
which I did post, but don't think I got an answer to it, and been 
distracted since

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