[Gambas-user] TableView Tag Property

Gianluigi bagonergi at gmail.com
Wed Jan 13 23:34:02 CET 2021

Il giorno mer 13 gen 2021 alle ore 22:32 Tobias Boege <taboege at gmail.com>
ha scritto:

> It worked insofar as a Tag property/variable was added to the global
> _GridView_Cell class -- otherwise you would have gotten a runtime error
> when accessing it.
> The problem is found in the gb.gui.base source code for GridView:
> _GridView_Cell is not a permanent object that lives inside the GridView
> and stores the data associated to a cell. It is only a temporary object
> that is created on-the-fly as a proxy to make modifications to the
> real internal data structures of the GridView. Whatever data you store
> in a _GridView_Cell object is wasted. The class we want to change is
> called _GridView_Data. That's the permanent data storage for a cell.
> The attached project now works. But it uses some more implementation
> details of the GridView, which may change in a future Gambas and break
> your code relying on them without warning. Use at your risk!
> Best,
> Tobias

Yes Tobias,
you're right, I expressed myself in a crude way not mastering the English
Anyway I continue to trust in your suggestions and you try to keep giving
them :-)



P.S. I see that Benoit wasted no time :-D
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