[Gambas-user] Gambas Update & Compiler Utility

Bruce Steers bsteers4 at gmail.com
Wed Jan 13 20:12:51 CET 2021

I got a work in progress here....
(Click the link to see screenshots)

*Gambas Compiler Utility (GCU)*
(basically an advanced version of my gambas compiler bash script written in

*The Goal (s)..*
Make a simple functional gambas upgrader/installer that anyone could easily
use to update to latest gambas.
Make a handy tool for me (and others) to manage my own branch and pull the
latest upstream updates from gambas/master.

*What's working...*
* Detects OS and matches to the list of supported distros in gitlab-ci file.
* Gets dependency list and can install.
(also supports manjaro and raspbian)

* Displays installed gambas version by finding and version checking gbr3.
* Displays trunk version info in your downloaded source folder.
* Reads latest commit and displays commit message from gitlab/gambas

* Allows branch changes and running 'git pull' or git 'pull upstream
master' if set

* Has a terminal for running through the 4 compile steps.
* Steps can by run singularly or run through all from a starting point.
* Supports sudo or su -c
* Password can be entered at start of process and auto-inputted at 'make
* Creates a log file in User folder for the gambas team if compiling is

* Can do uninstall by running 'make uninstall'
* Can clean source folder with 'make distclean'

*Still todo List..*
* Check and offer to remove repository installed gambas if detected.
* Handle unsupported distros.
* Enable downloading with either git clone or getting the archive.
* Save last downloaded commit message and compare it to current to
auto-detect updates and display info.
* Make it fool proof
* Turn it into an AppImage so it can be run and be an installer/updater
without any installed/working gambas (this is why the previous utility was
a bash script)
* Make it work in 2 ways.. Simple mode for the user who just want the
latest gambas and advanced for people like me with my own fork/branches.
* make instructions/help files.

Like i said it's pretty WIP at present but quite functional if you have
downloaded/cloned the source to your drive already and your distro is in
the list.

Any input suggestions appreciated.
Gambas team feel free to rip the code and make your own better version if
you want. I think gambas needs an easier way to upgrade for the layman.

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