[Gambas-user] TableView Tag Property

Martin mbelmonte at belmotek.net
Wed Jan 13 10:02:26 CET 2021


Tableview has not Tag property for each cell, but is there some way to 
add this property to it?

The point is that when I click on a cell I want it to change its image 
to show another state, which is easy using the mousedown event, for 
example, but when is necessary to save the state data on a support, such 
as a database where is the info?

It seems that there is no place to extract the true or false 
information.I currently use the .WordWrap property but it's not the 
right thing to do I guess, .Tag would be the optimal solution.

What could be the solution? Change the components [Grid|Table]View ? or 
... Made a modified component?


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