[Gambas-user] HTTP Gambas server (v0.0.16)

Olivier Coquet ocoquet at 3d-phenomen.fr
Tue Jan 12 09:57:05 CET 2021

Hi all,

New version with bugs corrections and some features added.

v 0.0.16  - 12/01/2021

- Sample Treatment procedure now use named arguments vs numbering, this 
allow order inversion in form field in the form at design time without 
influence on detection of them.

- Correction of bug in invalid session detection (a "u" replaced a "U" 
in code :) ).

- Correction of bug in Cookie sending (a "u" replaced a "U" in code, re 
:) :) )

- userpwd file is now created if not present (first run), this create an 
Admin user with default password "password" which is defined in a var in 
the header of class (must be changed by your master program just after 

- Add of ListUsers Function which return list of registered users in an 
array of strings.

- Sample Treatment procedure send good link if user exist when trying to 
create an existing user("admin/..." replaced "../...").


Olivier Coquet

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