[Gambas-user] HTTP Gambas server

Olivier Coquet ocoquet at 3d-phenomen.fr
Mon Jan 11 11:07:08 CET 2021

Hi all,

First test of integration in a project.

Time to integrate (include fmain.treatment of *.gbp pages creation) : 17 

Needed modifications on class: 0

Needed modifications on original project: 5 (treatment Function, start 
server, stop server, class instantiation, control to start and stop server).

Running OK at first time!

For this first test of integration, a new machine was used with fresh 
install of Linux (raspbian) and Gambas basic, nothing else. machine = 
Raspberry pi 3b+.

Added elements in original application folder: web-docs folder for html 
pages, minimalist userpwd.txt with login/pwd for one user (admin), all 
copied from archive sources.

After this first experience, I decide to add a minimalist userpwd.txt 
(with admin login/default mdp) creation in the class if the file is not 
present. This eliminate the need of copying this file from archives.

A complete doc in html format (French / English) is in progress.


Olivier Coquet

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