[Gambas-user] DrawImage

Shane buster6seven at gmail.com
Sun Jan 10 03:37:05 CET 2021

So it seems I have to alter the backimg with DrawImage

then make it stay there using Draw.Image

within in the current loop

sub Draw()

backimg.DrawImage(img1, 15, 15)
backimg.DrawImage(img2, 50, 50)


end sub

but what i want to do is

sub MouseMove()



So I want to paste the img1 into backimg then display the result Image

On 10/1/21 1:07 pm, Jussi Lahtinen wrote:
>     Ok I see DrawImage is not persistent is there a way to add things
>     to an existing image and have it persistent
> Not sure what you mean. You have to keep on redrawing the image on 
> screen every time you modify it.
> Jussi
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