[Gambas-user] HTTP Gambas server

Olivier Coquet ocoquet at 3d-phenomen.fr
Fri Jan 8 17:55:41 CET 2021

Hi all,

Is somebody interested by a pure Gambas HTTP server (just gb.net and 
gb.crypt needed) ?

I work on this since 4 week and it is completely working.

It's a class you can import in a project and which run when instanced.

The source package contain, class in a little project with sample form 
which demonstrate some functionality.

The server accept GET and POST requests, the functionality to redirect 
*.gbp pages to main prog Function which can make some modifications 
before send it to the browser.

A web-docs folder contain some sample pages (form, create users, pages 
with images, login, etc...)

Server has a basic session carrying with cookies.

With this, all programs can be "web communicant" in stand alone mode.

Tell me if you want to download (version 0.0.15 is coming tomorrow on my 
Gambas forum).

Regards From France

Olivier Coquet

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