[Gambas-user] 'gb.qt5.webkit error

Ian Roper ian.roper at iinet.net.au
Mon Jan 4 02:56:00 CET 2021

"Which program do you run? :" Just a project with a some webview 
components - not sure I understand the context of the question ?

If I change the components to gb.qt5 & gb.qt5.webview : No error but the 
webview is not editable.

If you change to gb.gui.qt & gb.gui.qt.webview then the error appears. : 
webview has the editable parameter.

I have three projects that use webview controls - all last worked 
about(?) 2 weeks ago.



On 4/1/21 8:31 am, Benoît Minisini wrote:
> Le 03/01/2021 à 23:51, Ian Roper a écrit :
>> GUI Console error on run:
>> gb.gui.qt.webkit: unable to load 'gb.qt5.webkit' component
> Which program do you run?

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