[Gambas-user] ncurses, question

Brian G brian at westwoodsvcs.com
Mon Jan 4 01:03:38 CET 2021

Hi Tobias, 

I see you authored the ncurses package, I have a question 

Is there some way with ncurses to issue the endwin within my program after I am done with a window and screen screen object. 
I see that the gb.ncurses main does an init and end..... but..... 

doing something like: 

dim a as new window 
a. def_prog_mode() ' save the mode 
a.endwin() ' restore the tty mode 
do stuff program on terminal 
a.refresh() ' to pop it back to ncurses mode 

stuff to do 

Thanks for any help you can provide. Or anyone else if your aware. 
Brian G 
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