[Gambas-user] BSD gambas compile

Bruce Steers bsteers4 at gmail.com
Fri Jan 1 17:15:05 CET 2021


> > And yes I've checked the output trunk_version.h file against original and
> > using changes on bsd and linux.
> > Tis all good 😇
> >
> I found my old Raspberry Pi (model B from 2012) and installed FreeBSD on
> it.
> (If you thought your VM was slow...) I can confirm that the current master
> branch does not produce trunk_version.h on FreeBSD and that your change
> fixes that, but it does so for the wrong reasons :-P

Aah , Thank you Tobias for taking the time,  yes like i said i have never
used or seen that double dollar method.
I applied a little tweak here and there and was testing on linux and bsd.
I'm very glad you stepped in there to make things right :)

(ironically when i read that i was compiling on my Pi too (but Raspbian)
lol, took a couple of hours to fully compile :-\ )

> My alternative fix is attached. You may want to integrate it into your
> patch set of other BSD compile fixes in place of your latest commit.
> Or I can apply it to master directly if Benoît agrees.

Cheers, have applied your code to my main-bsd branch.
I think this fix and the #ifndef condition i applied to
main/gbx/gbx_c_file.c should be applied to master.
then there is just the issue with the rmdir command and gambas is fully BSD
then i could remove my branch.
Or another alternative i guess would be If Ben made a BSD branch for BSD

To be honest , i'm initially finding a number of issues going on with
gambas and BSD, it's not right at all.
I just ran sudo in a gambas terminalview app and it said it needed a
terminal :-\
things like a sliderbox is not displaying text properly in the value box
(as are a number of other textbox controls)

Do you want bug reports for BSD?
(there could be a fair few)

> And a late happy new year from UTC+0100!
> Tobias
Likewise dude, lets hope this year things get better for all :)
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