[Gambas-user] Opensource for parts of my devs

Jussi Lahtinen jussi.lahtinen at gmail.com
Mon Feb 22 19:21:41 CET 2021

"The GPL is not necessarily free..."

Source code of a GPL program is always free, thus the software is
essentially always free if you compile it yourself.


On Mon, Feb 22, 2021 at 3:05 PM Olivier COQUET <ocoquet at 3d-phenomen.fr>

> Hello everyone,
> Sorry I didn't answer but my mail server was hacked in the middle of a
> discussion and I had to work on it all weekend to get it up and running
> again.
> To make a long story short, I'm working on the development of a home
> automation system for individuals that is reliable and accessible.
> The whole system is developed in Gambas 3.15, the software part will be
> marketed with an electronic part and a cosmetic part.
> Of course, the individual elements will be distributed for free, as it
> is already the case for the embedded http server, the plugin system,
> and, soon, an RXB6 library that will allow from Gambas Basic to receive
> and transmit on the 433.92 mhz frequency.
> By the way, I notice some confusion between the terms "FREE" (public
> domain in French) and GPL. The GPL is not necessarily free and is
> especially not in the public domain, the broadcasting in public domain
> is indeed free but implies the abandonment of intellectual property, the
> GPL, on the other hand, preserves intellectual property. In addition,
> code generated from a software in gpl license can be distributed as we
> want as soon as it does not incorporate parts of gpl code modified or not.
> The fact of relying on a compiler or GPL libraries does not constitute
> an inclusion of code insofar as the libraries and the compiler are an
> intrinsic part of the original creation software, on the other hand if
> your code is based on such libraries, you are prohibited from
> distributing them, and the user is responsible for finding and
> installing them by himself.
> Finally, the GPL library implies the diffusion of the licensed source
> code to users. In the case of a paid software, only users who have
> acquired the rights to use it must receive the sources, which does not
> imply a diffusion to people who have not purchased the software.
> Friendship to all
> Olivier Coquet
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