[Gambas-user] Opensource for parts of my devs

Martin mbelmonte at belmotek.net
Mon Feb 22 16:52:48 CET 2021

Hi Olivier.
First of all congratulations for making a home automation program with 
Gambas, I have not seen the code yet but if you release it with GPL I 
will study it with pleasure.I would like to ask you some questions and 
clarify something you have written.
My intention is to learn what business model you use because I am also 
in a similar situation in my case, my program is to generate industrial 
automation engineering documentation

> The whole system is developed in Gambas 3.15, the software part will 
> be marketed with an electronic part and a cosmetic part. 

What license will your software have?

> Of course, the individual elements will be distributed for free
What is an individual item? If it is software, what license will it have?

The plgins for the "whole system" license program will they have?

> By the way, I notice some confusion between the terms "FREE" (public 
> domain in French) and GPL
No confusion:

FREE Software: Is free as in freedom software GPL, it does not refer to 
the price of the software, it refers to the rights that users of such 
software have. GPL implies that the software is not closed and everyone 
can see the source code.

OPEN Softare: It implies that the software is not closed but it does not 
imply your freedom over the program.

CLOSED Software: You can only use the program, do not see or study the 
code, do not modify the code, do not distribute the code, etc. etc.



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