[Gambas-user] How to create a plugin system for your Gambas project: a conclusion

Brian G brian at westwoodsvcs.com
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I am a layman, 
  But is it not that you need to provide the GPL license for all parts included into your project as part of the disclosure for a project. That any part you modify of the software you use that is GPL must be under the same license GPL. Anything code wise you create that uses/calls these GPL things is yours to put what ever license you want as proprietary as you want.

You own the small portion you make with the free tools, or calls the free tools etc..
or maybe thats just gpl 2 not 3 .... lol!


Brian G

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>> -Programs made with Gb not, even if they use those components as they are "out there" in the user's
>> HD
> Actually, AFAIUT (as far as I understand things, lol) and IANAL, I agree that using a GPLed IDE to make your programs does not automatically mean your own programs are GPL (unless, perhaps, there are some special stipulations made in the IDE license). However, your own programs do depend on the license of the included and runtime libraries (and probably even the gambas runtime interpreter/compiler, in this case). If those were LGPL, your own programs could be closed source, but if they are GPL, then your code automatically becomes GPL.
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Think about gcc,gpp and the linux kernel. All are GPL'd. Your take would 
mean that any program runnning on a linux system could only be 
distributed under the GPL.


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