[Gambas-user] Handy desktop launcher

Bruce Steers bsteers4 at gmail.com
Mon Aug 16 11:37:21 CEST 2021

Hi all.

I have been busy making something i think some of you may find useful so
i'm sharing it with you...

It's called "Desktop-ish"
It's a pseudo desktop application (just a launcher really)

The reason for making it....
I do not like the Gnome desktop with no desktop icons and no panel items
and as i use he Desktop Action properties of an icon and have made an
editor for them i wanted to have icons with right click desktop actions

The reasons you may find it useful...
It's got a few handy Gambas coder features.
you can right click any launcher to a gambas application that resides is in
it's project folder and you get an "Open in IDE" option

If you have a Gambas3 launcher icon it list your recent files and give a
It will offer to set available GUI toolkits (env GB_GUI=)  (auto-detected)
For bugtracker users it has a "copy system info to clipboard" function

As well as incorporating my gambas recent file lister app into it i have
also added my icon/desktop actions editor so you can edit actions and the
changes (inside the app) show instantly (handy for testing).

it was primarily designed for gnome desktop and shows the $HOME/Desktop
folder but any folder can be set for main view or the panel.

setting save independent for each desktop so you can have different layouts
for Gnome/MATE/Cinnamon/etc

It lacks documentation at present but is pretty straight forward.
It's all a bit WIP at present but really quite functional now.
As a developer i'm finding the right-click and select open in ID pretty

Find it here...
dl it here..

If you don't like it.....  change it ;)

Wishing well
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