[Gambas-user] (Quicky) Separators in combobox lists

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Fri Sep 18 20:02:55 CEST 2020

Il giorno ven 18 set 2020 alle ore 16:02 Gianluigi <bagonergi at gmail.com> ha

> Il giorno mer 16 set 2020 alle ore 23:43 T Lee Davidson <
> t.lee.davidson at gmail.com> ha scritto:
>> On 9/16/20 3:25 PM, Bruce wrote:
>> > (Don't think too hard on this one it's just an idea)
>> > Anyway, just a quicky, anyone got any ideas?
>> >
>> Space$(10)
>> ..
> I enclose a minimal combobox type component which shows a list with the
> desired number of lines (max 20), and separators of different style, color
> and thickness.
> ...
> Attached as a zip to avoid problems with GMail.

Who explains to me how I could have inserted an enumeration instead of an
integer property in the constant _properties (SeparatorStyle {Solid;
Dotted; Dashed; Double} = Solid)?
I had to use a string but it doesn't work well if I have to set the style
from code.

Or do I have to do something different, like inherit from another class?

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