[Gambas-user] possible bug in gb. loggig

Bruce adamnt42 at gmail.com
Tue Sep 15 05:58:36 CEST 2020

Looks like this never got delivered.
On 14/9/20 11:26 pm, Bruce wrote:
 > Inline, and from dim memory of when I was involved in writing the
 > original Logger.
 > On 14/9/20 5:21 pm, Angel wrote:
 >> It seems that the Formatter () function calls GetCallLocation ()
 >> Private Function GetCallLocation () As String
 >> Dim iCount As Integer = 1
 >> While System.Backtrace [iCount] Begins "Logger" Or System.Backtrace
 >> [iCount] Begins "Formatter"
 >> Inc iCount
 >> Wend
 >> Return System.Backtrace [iCount]
 >> End
 >> When the Formatter () function is called from the ComplexLogger class,
 >> when the GetCallLocation () function is reached
 >> at some point System.Backtrace [iCount] has a value of
 >> "ComplexLogger.Log.60" and exits before reaching the function used by
 >> the ComplexLogger class.
 > It looks like the Formater also needs to detect ComplexLogger as well as
 > the other two unwraps. i.e.
 > While System.Backtrace [iCount] Begins "Logger" Or
 > "Formatter" Or System.Backtrace[iCount] Begins "ComplexLogger"
 > ( The comlexLogger was addad after I last has access to the source.)
 >> I would also like (if possible) the author to change the calls in
 >> Formatter () from Cstr () to Str () since curious errors can occur if
 >> the format is $ (date) depending on the location.
 >  From very dim meory there was a reason for doing that at the time.
 > Perhaps it had to do with logging across time zones onto a server
 > running the application using the logger. Actually IIRC it was in our
 > Auction system that used a client program in one timezone (actually
 > several clients in different timezones) and logged events all had to be
 > co-ordinated into a single reference "field" so we used a UTC stamp.
 > Maybe not, it was simply that long ago.
 > But anyway and if the code is wrong with the newer date handling regime
 > then consider the issue of logging across timezones anyway. Somehow the
 > logging time must be co-ordinated to a single frame of reference.
 > If a program running in UTC+10 writes a message to a centralised log
 > file somewhere and this is followed by another system running in UTC+6
 > and they bith write messages in their local time then the log will be
 > "out if order". To surmount that I think we decided to only write times
 > in UTC. That way the messages should appear "in order" regardless of the
 > time on the system that logs the message.
 > Of course that means the anything (people included) trying to interpret
 > the log have to be aware of what the timestamp really means. If you
 > think about it this way even if you are composing in a single time
 > frame, the log file still must register timestamps within a single
 > defined frame. What would happen at daylight savings changeover.....
 > regards
 > Bruce

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