[Gambas-user] gambas3 error on PinePhone

james at lixce.com james at lixce.com
Mon Sep 14 06:28:56 CEST 2020

The output when trying to start from a terminal on the phone is:

CCompilation.Init.26: Compiler not found
CCompilation.Init.26 CCompilation.Run.55 Jit._Compile.130 

I haven't looked at the IDE code yet.

I'm getting ready to move from Singapore back to California, things are a little hectic.

Thanks for resizing the pic. Too many computers and phones on my desk right now.


user-request at lists.gambas-basic.org 20200914-05:33----------------------------

Here is the picture you tried to post, reduced from 4 Mb to 90 K.

Which complains do you get from the IDE?

Beno?t Minisini

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