[Gambas-user] possible bug in gb. loggig

Angel angelnunez123 at gmail.com
Mon Sep 14 09:51:25 CEST 2020

It seems that the Formatter () function calls GetCallLocation ()

Private Function GetCallLocation () As String

Dim iCount As Integer = 1

While System.Backtrace [iCount] Begins "Logger" Or System.Backtrace 
[iCount] Begins "Formatter"
Inc iCount

Return System.Backtrace [iCount]


When the Formatter () function is called from the ComplexLogger class, 
when the GetCallLocation () function is reached
at some point System.Backtrace [iCount] has a value of 
"ComplexLogger.Log.60" and exits before reaching the function used by 
the ComplexLogger class.

I would also like (if possible) the author to change the calls in 
Formatter () from Cstr () to Str () since curious errors can occur if 
the format is $ (date) depending on the location.

El 13/9/20 a las 19:30, T Lee Davidson escribió:
> On 9/13/20 1:06 AM, Angel wrote:
>> The ComplexLogger object always returns "[ComplexLogger.Log.60]" as 
>> the file, method and line that invoked the object.
> It does appear to be a bug.
> ComplexLogger.class relies on Formatter() to process the Format 
> string. Formatter() is called on line 60 of ComplexLogger.class.
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