[Gambas-user] not able to send UDP datagram on local host

pflora at libero.it pflora at libero.it
Wed Sep 2 20:43:20 CEST 2020


I am new to gambas and I am tring to send datagrams on port 50010 on localhost.

In a form I put 2 UDPSocket listeners on port 50000 and 50001 and they work fine, they capture packets coming from 2 applications sending data on such ports.

Then I put a third UDPSocket to send data on port 50010 to the above applications but I cannot get this working.

I tried to configure the socket but nothing is coming out. I cannot find a way to send the data.

TargetHost should be local host and TargetPort 50010

I am very frustated after some days of testing, in C language it was very easy to do this.

I attach my simple project.

Any help is appreciated.

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