[Gambas-user] Button Transparency

KKing kicking177 at gmail.com
Wed Oct 28 09:55:21 CET 2020

Can you explain why you need to place the button (or other) above the view?
It doesn't have to be a button, but it has to be something a user can 
see through to see the content of the ImageView underneath it and be 
able to click on it to invoke other processes which for different people 
will have different potential actions.
There is a couple of reasons we are looking into this.
Currently for each scanned document we're loading into an ImageView and 
allowing one group to draw rectangles around certain areas, these 
co-ordinates are saved away (currently just an associated text file). 
Then other people can load the same ImageView and the saved co-ordinates 
would generate "see through" buttons (or something). They can then click 
on each one which would allow another form to popup for other actions 
relating to just that area of the ImageView.

How do cater for a click event (or mouse up) on a dynamically created 


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