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Bruce Steers bsteers4 at gmail.com
Tue Oct 27 10:46:19 CET 2020

On 10/26/20 5:42 PM, james at lixce.com wrote:

> > You need to be using a compositor for transparency to work, otherwise it
> will show as a black background.
> >
> It does not work for me either set in the IDE or programmatically even
> with a compositor enabled. When set in the IDE, it shows
> as transparent. But, when the application is executed, it is not
> transparent.

Darn it i've tried every connotation to see if i can help with this.
Marco and Metacity, with and without compositing/compton , Compiz.  gtk2
and 3 and QT

Works correctly as expected on all??

Mint-20 , gambas 3.15.90

Of course without a picture behind the button i only get the form
background colour.
With a picture background i see through the button to the picture.
With no picture but i set the main form transparency in the IDE i can see
through it all.
oooh , wait , no i just discovered something...
Without compositing enabled setting the *main form transparency* sets the
form BG to black.
(I had loaded an image background so was not seeing this)
If i load a picture as a background image then the button transparency
works fine, i see through button to the image.

But with no image the form background only goes to black (with no
compositing) so button background is transparent but showing the forms bg

Hope this helps :)
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