[Gambas-user] TextEditor "Mode" auto sets "Highlight"

Bruce Steers bsteers4 at gmail.com
Sun Oct 25 17:06:33 CET 2020

Hi all.

If i set TextEditor.Mode to a value it also changes Highlight by itself.

My code has to do the following..

*Dim iVal As Integer = TextEditor1.Highlight*
*TextEditor1.Mode = "none"*
*TextEditor.Highlight = iVal*

otherwise setting the "Mode" to "none" wil auto unset the highlight too.

PS. also i think some things in the "gambas" mode are not working so well
now, like selecting text and pressing a bracket seems to sometimes put a
bracket on either side of the text and sometimes it erases the text.
Was wondering if the change Benoít made to stop "Highlight" manipulating
the text has broken some things?

All the best
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