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Mon Oct 19 22:55:59 CEST 2020

Il giorno lun 19 ott 2020 alle ore 20:10 First Last <d4t4full at gmail.com> ha

> Gianluigi et al,
> With the usual *I need to connect to database XXX using ODBC* claim, I
> think a couple of clarifications are needed.
> 1- Important: The Gambas ODBC interface targets unixODBC, not iODBC
> (actually I did not test against iODBC myself; it may or may not work).
> 2- ODBC is not a database driver per-sé; instead, it is a *Driver Manager*
> .
> You do not connect to a *FooBar* database with ODBC, you connect to a
> *FooBar* database with a *FooBar ODBC Driver*, managed by ODBC.
> That is why all connection strings have at the very least a
> *Driver={FooBar}* parameter; it tells ODBC which actual low-level,
> ODBC-compliant driver to use.
> In turn, the Gambas application uses the standardized database-interface
> offered by ODBC to send/receive queries/data to/from the actual database.
> ODBC is, then, some kind of "middle man" standing between the actual
> low-level connectivity driver and your application, "filing the burrs"
> between them.
> The advantage is simple yet powerful: Your application can connect to a
> DB2, MySQL, MSSQL or any other database that provides an ODBC-compliant
> driver, and you do (almost-)nothing at the application level to issue
> queries and get results back. You want to change DB2 for MySQL? Change the
> connstring, and you're mostly done... Well, yes, subtle differences between
> vendor database features may call for some kind of code adjusting, but it
> is usually minimal... or that's at least the goal.
> Regards,
> zxMarce.

Dear zxMarce,
I renew my thanks for your willingness, all very useful informations...

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