[Gambas-user] Fix 'make install' that should now correctly remove all installed files.

Bruce adamnt42 at gmail.com
Mon Oct 19 01:17:55 CEST 2020

On 18/10/20 8:45 pm, Bruce Steers wrote:
> Don't worry Bruce, make install just had the menu item adding entry fixed

Good oh. Maybe it will work here now.

> and make uninstall was leaving a bunch of files in /usr/share/gambas3.
> So i'd guess you'll be okay unless you run make uninstall.

and that's exactly what I am worried about.

In usr/share/gambas/control we have 20+ custom control icons in 
directories all called ph.something
In usr/share/gambas/info we have over 60 ph.*.info and ph.*.list file 
pairs that are all our local components
In usr/share/gambas/template we have 8 project templates that we use as 
out boilerplate project templates (there is no implicit naming scheme 
that identifies them as local i.e. not gambas)

Maybe once or twice a year I need to do a make uninstall on the gambas 
suite because of some change in the native system that wont install 
properly if there are existing stuff. That's fine in itself as long as 
make uninstall only rm's the native gambas stuff.

So can I get a simpe answer please. Do these changes only rm the native 
gambas stuff. i.e. in terms of /usr/share/gambas does it only remove 
controls that start with gb. in terms of info files ditto and in terms 
of templates does it only remove the 10 native templates?

When I have to do an uninstall I guarantee that I'll have forgotten this 
and if it clobbers all our local stuff I will be very depressed.

It seems to me that there is an emerging mind set that gambas is only 
deployed as a single PC/single developer IDE and system. Here that is 
very much not the case.

anyway cheers for now

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