[Gambas-user] Gambas setup compile and install script.

Bruce Steers bsteers4 at gmail.com
Fri Oct 16 20:19:06 CEST 2020

I have an updated version here for testing...

It's addressed ALL these concerns apart from making the menu entry.
I've kept the menu making in there telling the user to check if 'make
install' did it or not.
And I'm keeping the Desktop launcher part in there as make install does not
make a desktop icon. anyway just the menu.

So as per Benoits requests...

   1) I think that it should be able to install Gambas from the "tar.gz"

> source archive downloadable from the web site too (it's just the one
> generated by GitLab).
Okay this is done now.
User has options to use git or curl and also options to get master or
stable branch.

2) The name of the script should be all lower case (and good that it
> starts with "gambas3-").

> 3) "sudo make install" already installs the icon, the desktop
> launcher... If not, then "make install" should be fixed, instead of
> having to do its job inside the script.

I looked around the make stuff but I know nothing about make files.
Until the makefile is fixed i'll keep it in there.

> 4) The log of all commands must not be put in "/dev/null". We need it to
> understand what goes wrong if something goes wrong. Everything should be
> redirected to a temporary file, that would be available if there is an
> error.

All commands now tee to /home/username/gambas-compile-install.log

> 5) You must detect if there is already a Gambas installation by running
> "gbx3", finding where it is installed to find the Gambas installation
> prefix, and then tell the user before aborting the script (unless you
> can detect if it was installed by package or manually to remove it, but
> I don't think so).

Now taken care of.
Script detects if a distro installed gambas if present and uninstalls it
just before 'make install' is called.

Also somebody didn't like the fact they were not at their keyboard while it
was running and the 'make install' asked for sudo password but timed out
and caused the script to fail.
So i've added an option to temporarily up the default sudo timeout to 2
hours instead of 15 minutes while the script runs then removes the
temporary setting on exit.

Anyway good job!

Thank you all :)
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