[Gambas-user] Gambas setup compile and install script.

Brian G brian at westwoodsvcs.com
Wed Oct 14 14:22:13 CEST 2020

Hi Bruce,
I really like the work you have done here,  It will surely simplify building gambas for most users. 
I would like to see your project become an integrated part of the gambas project. I read Benoit's comments regarding the script they looked very positive!
It would be great if you could include an opensuse rpm  build as well... Just my thought.
You have made fabulous progress in simplifying what many of us struggled to get working!
Thanks for doing this and sharing it with us.
I am going to give it a deeper look this week and test a few platforms.. 
Brian Tuesday, 13 October 2020, 01:43AM -07:00 from Bruce Steers  bsteers4 at gmail.com :

>Hi Brian.
>It's going through a process of evolution/testing right now.
>It's now on version 2.3
>Check out the revision history
>I think now it's about ready though.
>it now gives a list of supported distros if your linux type isn't found so is automated about as much as can be.
>(no need to manually edit the script now)
>Other distros may be added in the future the same way i added Raspbian but for now it will ask for the best matching one from the list.
>what do you think Gambas Team?
>Should i put this somewhere?
>do you think it needs something added first?
>Latest version here...
>On Mon, 12 Oct 2020 at 19:42, Brian G < brian at westwoodsvcs.com> wrote:
>>Is there any way this link can be added th e gambas website
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