[Gambas-user] Gambas setup compile and install script.

Bruce Steers bsteers4 at gmail.com
Wed Oct 14 14:29:15 CEST 2020

> This script is a welcome idea.

Thamnks Benoit :)  just doing what i can to help.

> I looked at it quickly, but I'm not very good at reading/writing shell
> scripts. Here is a few remarks:
Haha, that's how i feel reading the Gambas code ;)

1) I think that it should be able to install Gambas from the "tar.gz"
> source archive downloadable from the web site too (it's just the one
> generated by GitLab).

Okay sure, will offer that option.
Is it to either download the stable version or the latest beta commits?
if that's the reason the script already installs git and i'd have to also
install curl or something and work on un-achivers.
also I'd have to extract the websites download file name string from the
page as it changes.

Or i could make the script use
https://gitlab.com/gambas/gambas/-/tree/stable as well as
https://gitlab.com/gambas/gambas/-/tree/master to offer the choice.
Or was there another reason to use the tar ball?

> 2) The name of the script should be all lower case (and good that it
> starts with "gambas3-").
consider it done :)

3) "sudo make install" already installs the icon, the desktop
> launcher... If not, then "make install" should be fixed, instead of
> having to do its job inside the script.

I thought that the make install did do that.,
it set up the menu when installlng on mint and i think debian. but not on
my raspberry PI
Maybe i can leave a message and break out of the "say yes to all" bit at
the end, saying it's installed and the menu item "should" be there and to
check, and my script can try if the make installed didn't?

> 4) The log of all commands must not be put in "/dev/null". We need it to
> understand what goes wrong if something goes wrong. Everything should be
> redirected to a temporary file, that would be available if there is an
> error.

My appologies, I had not considered you folks.
i used it for the ./configure command only but redirected the standard
output not the error output. so i could only see the errors and not have to
scroll through miles of text looking.

do you want the >std_output.log as well as 2>error.log ?

> 5) You must detect if there is already a Gambas installation by running
> "gbx3", finding where it is installed to find the Gambas installation
> prefix, and then tell the user before aborting the script (unless you
> can detect if it was installed by package or manually to remove it, but
> I don't think so).

there may be a way, the script already detects if it's using apt or pacman.
i think pacman can list installed packages and dpkg can too so i should be
able to find if a repository version exists. should also be able to
auto-uninstall repo versions first.
all i'll need is an Alpine system to test if apk can tell as well.

> Anyway good job!

Thank you kind sir , and likewise :)
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