[Gambas-user] Gambas setup compile and install script.

Bruce Steers bsteers4 at gmail.com
Wed Oct 14 03:00:19 CEST 2020

> Didn't try it but I like that idea because I can remember how much I had
> to struggle until I had the first self-compiled (and therefore current)
> Gambas installation on a computer.

Likewise , hence a lovely script to avoid all the headaches for others :)

> But: AFAICS the many packages of a distribution the compilation depends
> on are not installed by your script, right? To get this done is IMO one
> of the biggest hurdles if one compiles and installs Gambas on a computer.

Er no, that is exactly what this script is for.
I have tested it on debian, raspbian, mint, ubuntu and manjaro.
running this script from a fresh linux install before installing anything
else installed ALL the required dependencies and compiled and installed
gambas in one go :)

> And instead of echoing "hopefully all went well and Gambas3 is now
> compiled and installed correctly" it should better test if that's the
> case. :-)

I think i've done enough , the user has to do something for themselves
right? ;) lol
To be honest if the script gets to that final message it means everything
went well.
I guess i could take out the word "Hopefully"

I think it would not be bad to provide your script by the Gitlab Gambas
> site as soon as it is stable and does it's job well. And then set a link
> to it from the wiki and so make it 'official'.
> But maybe Benoît or someone else has some good arguments against it.

C'est possible
Not heard much against it yet mind.
Mostly good  ;)

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