[Gambas-user] Keeping repositories up to date

Cedron Dawg cedron at exede.net
Fri Oct 9 17:55:37 CEST 2020

Well then, it would seem that it is a systemic incompatibility and a replacement architecture, maintained by the developers, should be implemented.

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On 10/8/20 10:02 PM, Bruce Steers wrote:
> I have no idea how easy/hard it is for the developers to get all the repositories up to date, I'm assuming not so easy otherwise 
> it would have been done.

It is not the Gambas developers' responsibility to ensure that all the myriad distribution repositories are up to date. That is 
totally out of their control. Each Linux distribution has its own policy and manner of deciding what versions of what software 
it includes and maintains. There are, though, some third-party repos that do keep the version of Gambas they maintain more up to 


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