[Gambas-user] Backward Compatibility with gambas versions added to wiki faq

Christof Thalhofer chrisml at deganius.de
Fri Oct 9 17:46:37 CEST 2020

On 09.10.20 16:37, Bruce wrote:

> Good! I was starting to imagine the help desk calls...
> [Me] Hello, Paddys Hill. How can...
> [They] Is your Xyzzy program backward compatible?
> [Me] Damned if I know, Tonto. Does it work?
> [They] Yes, but there's all this new stuff on the internet about 
> backward compatability in Gambas...
> [Me] Hmmm, I see. Do you happen to have a toaster, a long extension cord 
> and a bath filled with water?
> [They] Huh?
> [Me] Goodbye.
Haha! Wonderful! :-)
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