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Bruce Steers bsteers4 at gmail.com
Fri Oct 9 04:02:06 CEST 2020

> My observation is meant to be in a broader sense than my particular
> situation with the music player.  IMO, in order for Gambas to be good for
> general proliferation the latest version should be readily and easily
> available on every platform at a very user level.
> How best to do that?

I've recently been expressing the very same concerns.
My worry was i'd been advised to upgrade to 3.15 (that none of the main
distro repos had) but then found none of my programs working on lesser
gambas's due to the bytecode mismatch error. and i wanted other people,
those who might not be capable of doing the upgrade, to use my programs too.

To be fair being told about the GB_PCODE_VERSION=3.8 environment variable
fixed all those worries for me.
Once i knew about it and used it all my apps worked just fine on 3.12.
Trouble is not a lot of people know about it.
The only other issue was loading a 3.15+ project into a lesser gambas IDE
would crash the IDE if you had a CurrenArgument setting set in it's
.project file as the settings type changed from an integer to a string[]
but Benoit has kindly fixed that.

I have no idea how easy/hard it is for the developers to get all the
repositories up to date, I'm assuming not so easy otherwise it would have
been done.

I'm thinking I should add some info on the wiki about the GB_PCODE_VERION
variable setting.
What do you think Benoit?
I'll make a "Note about backward compatibility" section somewhere obvious
expose the "undocumented variable"
I think it's an issue that's going to be important to many others so i
think it requires a resolve.
Maybe the variable could be added to the list of presets in the Environment
page on the IDE?
and have it's version set the lowest of the main distro repository versions
out there perhaps?
(which by the way, if i set to 3.12 it gives a bytecode error on 3.12?, i
found it best to leave it at 3.8)

Or if you feel like setting yourself a challenge make it auto-add itself
depending on the code used and have the IDE intelligently detect and alert
the user if they are compiling something that may not work on public distro
versions?  ;)

I'll write something about it i guess and add it i guess and you can
edit/move it as you please (unless you think otherwise please say so :) )
Or if you think i could help with the repo updating somehow let me know.

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