[Gambas-user] Making changes to the IDE

Bruce adamnt42 at gmail.com
Thu Oct 8 16:38:27 CEST 2020


On 9/10/20 12:43 am, Bruce Steers wrote:

> I tried all the stuff below as it wasn't working. first i just compiled
> then did a make and make install but not in comp in the main folder.
> so do you not have to compile changes in the IDE? just make once saved

gb.form is a component i.e. think "shared library" so if you change one 
of the comp projects, in fact all you need do is install that "library". 
But it is easier to use the autotools scripts in the comp directory to 
just redo 'em all.

> I added "Properties" as you would normally in a class. (does *_Properties*
> with an underscore refer to something else?)

Oh yes! Very much so. Read "How To Program Components In Gambas" in the 
wiki (http://gambaswiki.org/wiki/dev/gambas I think). In fact read it 
until your eyes bleed and you can recite it in your sleep.

_Properties is a Constant of great importance.

> I added the Background and Foreground and I also added the Background_Read
> and write events ...  but that's neither here
> or there as i've stumbled at the first hurdle of just getting the new
> Properties visible lol.
> I wondered if the list of an objects properties were listed in another file
> somewhere?

Nup, see the above, after your eyes have healed of course :-)

It might be better to try building a custom control for your own i.e. 
outside the gambas3 code to understand how to do it.  It's trivial but 
say how about a checkbox with the label on the left.


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