[Gambas-user] Making changes to the IDE

Bruce Steers bsteers4 at gmail.com
Thu Oct 8 16:13:26 CEST 2020

Cheers Bruce. also inline

> So what i did....

> > Loaded up in gambas IDE the gb.form component from the "comp" dir and
> found
> > the Balloon.class and FBalloon.class and form.
> >
> > Added the Property Background and Foreground and event handlers for them
> to
> > Balloon.class.
> > I added the properties just under where the Font property was and did
> > everything the same as the font but using Color instead of course.
> > gave FBalloon.class a couple of Public variables FGColor and BGColor.and
> > added a way for it to be either settable or use the default Tooltip
> colours.
> >
> > But I'm stuck :'(
>         Now what is going on here?
>         All you need is to go to comp and do a make and then a make
> install.
I tried all the stuff below as it wasn't working. first i just compiled
then did a make and make install but not in comp in the main folder.
so do you not have to compile changes in the IDE? just make once saved

> > I compiled all in gb.form and made the exe <---- ???
> > I then compiled gambas3 again
> > I then did another "make"
> > then i did a "make install"
> >
> > Can't seem to see the added properties Background and Foreground that i
> put
> > just under Font , but i can see Font of course.
> >
> You may have done this bu I can't tell from the above. Did you add the
> new peoperties to the _Properties list in the Balloon.class?

I added "Properties" as you would normally in a class. (does *_Properties*
with an underscore refer to something else?)
Top of the Balloon.class file in comp/src/gb.form/.src dir now looks like

*Static Property Read Control As ControlStatic Property Delay As
IntegerStatic Property Font As FontStatic Property Background As
ColorStatic Property Foreground As ColorStatic Property Read Visible As
I added the Background and Foreground and I also added the Background_Read
and write events (i copy-n-pasted the Font stuff and edited it to color)
had to do it a little different to how the Font just set FBalloon.Font to
account for the drawing stuff involbed, didn't think just setting the
balloon forms background property would suffice.  but that's neither here
or there as i've stumbled at the first hurdle of just getting the new
Properties visible lol.
I wondered if the list of an objects properties were listed in another file
Thanks again.
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