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Bruce Steers bsteers4 at gmail.com
Wed Oct 7 19:20:21 CEST 2020

aah if only it was that easy. it's an age old problem.
Sadly each linux distro works quite differently to the other.
An application compiled for ubuntu for example will not work on Fedora in
the same way a MS windows app won't either.
The architecture is just different., yes it's still Linux but a different
That's why each distro has it's own version on it's repo.
Debian is still on Gambas 3.12 , Linux mint is on 3.14 and the latest
Ubuntu has 3.15
Raspian is a derivative of Debian so it's possible the Debian install
instructions/dependencies may work for Raspian.

Downloading and compiling isn't that hard really, the hardest most
difficult thing about it is installing the correct libraries/dependencies
needed to compile as even though they are listed for many distro's on the
gambas page they become outdated quite quickly and a simple copy and paste
of the listed requirements fails.

I did this very thing yesterday to upgrade my Debian (buster) to the latest
Gambas 3.15
I copied the list of requirements and 'apt-get' installed but apt failed on
4 of the things it listed that were not found.
I had to search for the changes in names of the libraries and adjust as
Raspian is basically Debian. (Raspberry + Debian = Raspian)
I updated the Debian instructions on the Gambas wiki yesterday to account
for the current library name changes and added Buster to the list as it was
still only showing info for Debian Stretch.
The dependency list for debian is now (as of yesterday) okay and will not
fail (at least on Debian)

Maybe the new dependency list i added for Debian might work on Raspian?

But back to your original question, an online tarball that anyone could
download simply won't work as the independant Linux architectures are not
the same.

check out http://gambaswiki.org/wiki/install/debian#t17
If the list of dependencies from that page installs for you then you're
only 6 commands away from having the latest..
Failing that try the actual Raspberry gambas page

*git clone --depth=1 https://gitlab.com/gambas/gambas.git

*cd gambas./reconf-all./configure -Cmake*
*sudo make install*

That worked for me yesterday. on Debian

I've got a couple of Raspberries here , i'll try to
download/compile/install later and adjust the wiki page for you if anything
needs to be amended.

Bruce Steers

On Wed, 7 Oct 2020 at 16:12, Cedron Dawg <cedron at exede.net> wrote:

> This is something I don't have the facilities, capabilities, or time to
> do.  However, I think this is a hugely under prioritized aspect of Gambas
> proliferation.
> For instance, I just started working with a Raspberry Pi 4 (or two).  The
> version of Gambas for Raspbian is 3.12.2, significantly out of date.  I
> also tried doing a Manjero 20 install, quite successfully.  However, there
> was *no* Gambas in the repository for that.  :-(  So I had to roll back to
> Raspbian (a much more simplistic distro) for my second Pi4.
> It would seem that it should be possible to store the latest Gambas "Tar
> balls" somewhere that could be downloaded an installed as an alternative to
> keeping the actual repositories up to date.
> I think it is entirely unreasonable to expect folks to have to learn how
> to do their own compiles in order to accomplish this, or force them to do
> the actual compiles which I understand can be quite time consuming.
> Thoughts?
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