[Gambas-user] Keeping repositories up to date

Cedron Dawg cedron at exede.net
Wed Oct 7 19:00:38 CEST 2020

Hi Charlie,

Thanks.  I do use the the PPA for my Mint laptops.

However, the a previous install of Manjero had an older version and PPA didn't work with that.  (ArchLinux)

The Pi4's are my bigger concern personally.  But I sense this is a wider issue than just my few select platforms.

I will try the ubuntu-mate for the Pi, but I haven't liked the Ubuntu interface much.


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Hi Cedron, 

If you use a distro based in Ubuntu you will have the ability to use a ppa to keep up to date with Gambas, no compiling required. (I have never compiled Gambas). [ https://ubuntu-mate.org/ports/raspberry-pi/ | Ubuntu Mate ] is an available distro for the pi, if that helps. 


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