[Gambas-user] Greetings

Bruce Steers bsteers4 at gmail.com
Sat Oct 3 18:02:28 CEST 2020

>> So i'm wondering if i've joined the right list here.
>Yes, we are here to help, explain and dispute anything that is Gambas

Excellent thank you :)

>There used to be another list specifiacally for development of Gambas
>itself but nobody read it ( sorry guys :-) )
>Maybe it is still there? I don't think so. Anyway...

Looks like i'm in the right place :)

>Yes, you can talk about it here. But see below...
Indeed , no worries Bruce I've been around the block, used to be on a lot
of mailing lists back in my amiga days.
And i agree post hijacking is like the worst thing.

>> Basically a first call place to ask about things before bothering Ben as
>> can only imagine how busy he is.
>One thing.
>Try to keep to exactly 1:1 topic in posts. We are all guilty (well
>some/most of us anyway) of hijacking, drifting, diversifying and
>dismangliing threads. Such that a general question like "how do I fix
>the IDE, it does a,b,c and d when I want it to do q,r and s is rapidly
>going to become unfollowable. So, the more mail the better as long as it
>is dingle topic and follows the suggestions in the netti-thingo in the

No worries, understood.
Hopefully i will be as much help to you folks as you might be for me :)

I have a few questions to post so expect some very soon.

>bruce ( a different one!.
A rare breed we are :)

>p.s yes the packager code is a &*^@#! !!!

Isn't it just lol. I got caught out thinking that a projects list of
components as listed in it's .project file would be all the required
components but then found it's more complicated than that lol.
I cracked it though, I've written a working installer now (almost
bulletproof and can ignore the projects dependency settings)
It's a bash script , creates a drop-box Icon you can drop a gambas app on
and installs everything needed and no more.
It works by first installing the runtime and then attempting to run the
gambas app and getting the error message if it fails, then extracting the
missing component from it and auto-installs it.
It's a work in progress :)

Cheers Bruce
Bruce :)
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