[Gambas-user] Disable right click popup menu of textbox

Angel angelnunez123 at gmail.com
Sat Oct 3 13:19:42 CEST 2020

When you create objects using code, to have a single event handler, it 
doesn't work either. When creating multiple objects using:

objtxt = New Clastextbox(Me) As "Group"

All objects when created in the _new would have the same name "Group", 
even if a different name is then set.

I changed the line :
/<miMenu = New Menu($hContenedor.Window, True) As "mnu" & Me.Name>/

/<miMenu = New Menu($hContenedor.Window, True) As "mnu" & Me.Id>/

and what's my surprise that with GTK GUI component all objects have the 
same ID minus the first one that the id is 0. In Qt each id is different.

attached the project

El 30/9/20 a las 23:27, Gianluigi escribió:
> >there is something that does not convince me, how do you raise the 
> Change event?
This is just an example, if I'm interested in commanding the whole class

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