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Hans Lehmann hans at gambas-buch.de
Sat Nov 28 18:22:45 CET 2020


i am experimenting with the component gb.web.gui for a chapter for the 
Gambas book. The web form consists of 3 areas: (1) Header (2) Main (3) 
Footer. The main area contains on the left (2.1) the navigation with 
several buttons and on the right (2.2) the content. All areas are of 
type Web-Container.

Three tasks present me with considerable problems:

* The actual navigation currently consists of only 5 web buttons. How do 
I realize that when I click on a selected button, a specific web page is 
loaded into the content area and displayed?

* How can I achieve that only the content of the content area is 
scrolled (if its height becomes too large), so that the navigation (and 
footer also !) remains static in its place (and does not scroll with it) 
and is thus partially no longer visible?

* Where do I insert a CSS file in the project directory for a uniform 
design and how do I integrate this CSS file into the project?

With kind regards

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