[Gambas-user] customising my gambas TextEditorMode

Bruce Steers bsteers4 at gmail.com
Fri Nov 27 20:40:36 CET 2020

I'm trying to customise my gambas a bit. but i cannot find the code (not
for a lack of looking)

What i want to do is alter the auto-fill when i type a property.
If i type for example ..
*Property Runable As Boolean*  (then hit return)
I get automatically written at the bottom of my file

*Private Function Runable_Read() As Boolean  EndPrivate Sub
Runable_Write(Value As Boolean)End*
That's awesome but i want it to add something more like this ...
*Private $Runable As Boolean  *(this added just below the property

*Private Function Runable_Read() As BooleanReturn $RunableEndPrivate Sub
Runable_Write(Value As Boolean)*

*$Runable = Value  *

Have been through the highlight and mode and editor code but not seeing
where it happens to modify it, ?

all the best
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