[Gambas-user] shell highlighting on non beta gambas

Fabien Bodard gambas.fr at gmail.com
Tue Nov 24 11:11:43 CET 2020

Le lun. 23 nov. 2020 à 21:28, Bruce Steers <bsteers4 at gmail.com> a écrit :

> Oh this is perfect :)  i can't thank you enough Fabien.
> for teminalview (i wanted to use some of it's private functions and added
> ctrl-c/v copy/paste)
> just perfect, with method 1 , i didn't really want to have an external
> library but to be all inclusive
> so i added the code folder and made it fit the puzzle and it's ideal, now
> it's included in the app and compatible down to 3.12
> The answer to all my problems :)
> TextEditor is being a pain though.
> if i can get working shell highlight in my editor across versions i'm
> happy.
> gotta include gb.eval.highlight too, i think my mistake was migrating in
> the controls from a newer gambas, had issues with an unknown command. I
> will study it further.
> But loving this solution, it stops me getting people to install a custom
> components into their gambas ;)
> Thanks again :)
> BruceS
> On Sun, 22 Nov 2020 at 21:49, Fabien Bodard <gambas.fr at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Le dim. 22 nov. 2020 à 21:32, Bruce Steers <bsteers4 at gmail.com> a écrit :
>> >
>> > ooh , that's a good idea :)
>> >
>> > Not sure how i go about that though?
>> >
>> > Is it possible to remove say "gb.form.terminalview" from my project
>> properties so it does not use the /usr/lib/gambas3/ version and load my
>> patched version manually ?
>> > and still see all the class properties in the IDE?
>> yes :-)
>> One way is to copy the widget code in your own project add all the
>> widget classesin a specific folder
>> the ide will allow you to use it like with an extern widget. It's a
>> little bit heavy
>> the other way is to make a library stored on the side of your exe. In
>> this library you share your own version of widget.
> Just remember Gambas is really really powerfull and under understrand ans
under estimate 😁. But part of the fault is the lack of hands and time. But
for sure for me it will be the linux tool of my life .. near to 20 year
now.. arf

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