[Gambas-user] GridView Refresh under Mate

Rolf-Werner Eilert rwe-sse at osnanet.de
Mon Nov 23 11:05:09 CET 2020

As far as I could see, under Ubuntu Mate (18.04) the GridView doesn't 
refresh automagically as often as under KDE.

Is that correct? I have several screens, and when I return to a screen 
with a Gambas program including a GridView, it will keep its old state 
until I click into it or actually do anything with the program and 
Refresh is called. Under KDE each time the screen appeared or another 
window changed within the screen, GridViews would call their Data loop.

This was sometimes too much and kinda annoying, but you could at least 
be sure the contents was always up-to-date.

Is there a way to force this behaviour, or would it be wiser to include 
a Timer with a Refresh call?


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