[Gambas-user] Opening a project in LAN

Dag Jarle Nerland Johansen - Gambas gambas at cd-bahia.com
Sun Nov 22 10:55:07 CET 2020

Hi Tim,
I have zero experience with nfs, and don't want to make a lot of 
research. Just want to program
Programmer, not system admin

Am 22.11.20 um 10:50 schrieb Dag Jarle Nerland Johansen - Gambas:
> Samba is so bad, it never works well
> Am 22.11.20 um 09:36 schrieb Tim Dickson via User:
>> What I do is use samba (smb/cifs) and mount the share containing the 
>> program on your local (laptop) file system. That works well enough.
>> You could use nfs instead, or vnc to the pc and remote the whole 
>> thing if you wanted. I do that for a vm I run on my lan.
>> Regards, Tim
>> On 22/11/2020 07:50, Dag Jarle Nerland Johansen - Gambas wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> sometimes I work on the terrace with the laptop.
>>> I can't figure out how to open a project over the network.
>>> Both main PC and laptop are connected over the local network.
>>> No network connection is shown in the opening list.
>>> I connect via SSH.
>>> Glad for any help.
>>> Dag JNJ
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