[Gambas-user] Merging with confidence

Bruce Steers bsteers4 at gmail.com
Sun Nov 22 02:22:51 CET 2020

On Sun, 22 Nov 2020 at 00:14, Christof Thalhofer <chrisml at deganius.de>

> Am 22.11.20 um 00:36 schrieb Christof Thalhofer:
> >> It actually works quite well and so much easier and better than doing it
> >> the hard way.
> >> It is good.
> >
> > Ah, sorry I didn't try it out. Then it's ok! :-)
> Ahm ... but I would prefer to clone the (own) Gitlab fork to the
> computer at home, create the feature branch there and then push it to
> Gitlab. And after that create the merge request.
> Because you can't test your changes without Gambas. You know, one wrong
> character and your code is broken.

Yes i agree for doing complex stuff, but i can accept my level of
understanding of things and where my limits are of how i can do anything
for gambas and my field i think is not with the big stuff but taking care
of the little things :)
Little tweaks here and there that i'm finding will be better for me both as
a programmer of my own software so better apps for
the user and as a gambas developement participator so a better IDE for me
to use to make the apps :)

but some of the merges i'd do would just be one liners.
i can fix my argument losing problem (hehe, the irony ;) ) , i can fix that
changing just one word. and less a change more a revert.

I also have quote wrapping enabled like braces on my gambas but only if
pressing the alt key. that commit involves uncommenting 6 lines of
previously written code and adding "And If Key.Alt" to the first line.
hardly worth the effort of making a local branch.

I just considered for silly little changes like that just doing it on the
gambas repository and having it do it for me not only was so very quick and
easy but it also showed me the correct way to do it.

>  If you really want to participate in the development of Gambas, you

> should first understand Git.

I understand it much better now, i've made an app to help manage my local
clones and that's taught me a lot.

And you have to be careful. It's not like playing around with your own
> programs. It is much more bureaucratic. And rightly so. Because one
> mistake has the potential to destroy many programs around the world.

Indeed , to be honest I always have and always will just participate in my
own way however i can.
Right now with my level of understanding i'm in the "it's good suggestion
at least" kind of input :)

Or at least i hope. :) the little fixes/additions merge requests I make are
so small they are probably noted at one look and probably understood. their
addition to gambas i'd consider an improvement. and have been suggested. if
they are added or not is not so much a problem for me as my gambas has
those changes, so my work is done ;)

I'm not looking for credit or to be part of any development team really
(all though lets face it, if you've reported a bug and got advised to
update to the latest and now you use the bugtracker and are on this list..
, then welcome to the team innit :D ), i just have many good ideas. if
commits don't get added because there is something wrong with them there's
not feedback to say. if's a bit of a dark alley. I don't need to hear "cant
add every commit every nobody adds" either i fully get it.
I guess i'm just fishing for clarity to ensure i'm not doing it wrong.

I've been known to do it wrong once or twice ;)
All the best
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