[Gambas-user] run external form embedded?

Bruce Steers bsteers4 at gmail.com
Sun Nov 22 01:03:24 CET 2020

Is it possible to open an external compiled gambas exe into a form/panel?

I tried using the Application.Embedder property but it's depreciated.
Tried looking for info but not much around.

My problem is i have a GTK app that needs to run a QT app.
Currently it's opening the other app in another window as a complete
separate thing.

I need an example (or just a pointer in the right direction) of a simple
way of opening an external app in a panel or something  on another app. I'm
sure from what i have read it is possible.
I cannot do it by adding one apps code to the other because one uses gtk
the other uses gb.gui.qt.webkit.

Many thanks for any suggestions/advice :)
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